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What is luxury travel?

Words like "curated", "experiential", "artisanal" have filled up websites, blogs & press releases describing the essence of luxury travel. What we are here to tell you, is - “ simplicity” is the truest form of luxury. True luxury is slowing down - a moment of decompression when you see a phenomenal view, feeling completely unburdened. We tend to talk about luxury travel, adventure, family... all these different travel niches. When it comes down to it though, it's the transformative nature of travel that is the single biggest motivator. Luxury to discerning travelers today is, camping in New Zealand under the moon lit skies, touching the tip of Patagonia, disconnecting with the world to connect with nature in bushes of Africa, dancing under the Auroras in Iceland. Luxury is attaining that satisfaction of exploring the unexplored. There are trips that fit on a sheet of paper. Then there are experiences that go beyond the power of words.

Why seek the assistance of a travel advisor?

Travel advisors are now information navigators and matchmakers, pairing people with experiences. An expert won’t just give you the right answer of which place may be better, but which is better for the traveler in question. Computers do not have the ability to dig beyond the surface We want to change the way people explore the world, the way they perceive travel or luxury travel. We are here to emphasis on the importance of experiences vs possessions. Our leading travel expert has experience in areas ranging from family travel, adventure travel, experiential travel, unique hotel experiences, cruises and travel rewards. The reality is the travel advisor is not a thing of the past, but rather the gateway to unique and rewarding future travel experience. We have the ability to give you an experience that takes you beyond the map and, in the ride of the five senses, carry you beyond the reality you know!

Travel N Living
Travel N Living


Our Managing Director, Kanan Fotedar, has been to over 60 countries in her quest for unique adventures & experiences. Braving the biting cold journeying Into the Ice in Iceland, Trekking with the Gorillas in Rwanda, Deep Sea Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Floating into oblivion in the Dead Sea & Cruising to the end of the world, Antarctica, Namibian desert Sledging through Christmas in Lapland. TravelnLiving is how she spreads her love for adventure and self discovery around this beautiful world.


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